GioSafe & Safety

"As a family operated business Giovenco Industries demonstrates a full commitment to its people and their families."

The senior management of the company strongly believes in an Incident & Injury Free (IIF) culture.

Giovenco has been awarded over the years for its excellent Performance in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.

We consistently monitor our performance and invest in training of:

  • Our people to achieve best practice.
  • Giovenco Industries management systems for Quality, Safety and
  • Environment are certified under ISO9001 / AS4801 / ISO14001.

“… We are a family run and operated company, Giovenco is our family, we expect to send each and every family member home to their families loved ones each and every day!.. Safety is the foundation of our business without it, well, we would not be where we are today…”

We want it to be clear to our employees that if they see a colleague not following a particular safety procedure, they can feel comfortable in approaching that colleague and informing them of what they are doing wrong. 

If this advice is not heeded, then that employee should then feel comfortable going to a supervisor, safe in the knowledge that the person being reported will not be fired or blamed, but simply coached and trained.

Creating the right culture at the supervisor level is key to this approach, and our approach to this is to assess our staff based on the comments and input of the team they manage, rather than the manager above them.


javascript:void(0)The Giovenco safety culture is built up on the morals of the family – taking all measures to ensure that no one goes home hurt. The company is working to get engagement from all of its employees’ families to assist in supporting this culture.

 “We found by promoting a culture such as this we not only get productivity but we get a good safe result and everybody goes home exactly the way they come to work.”

The company places significant focus on maintaining this family culture, with the second generation of Giovencos – Paul, his brother Anthony, and their Uncle Claudio and Claudio’s son Carlo – united to lead the company forward. 

Additionally, the company is now working to bolster its management team, with a whole new draft of senior management to support the Giovenco-led Board

We have to deliver a project on time and to a high quality, but most of all we have to deliver it safely. 

When we see employees being safe on my site, we often write to their families to tell them what a good job that person is doing, by driving the importance of safety home to every one of our employees, we can preserve our spirit of safe operation. 

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