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Caltex Lytton Refinery

Scaffolding & Access, Insulation,

Caltex Australia Refinery

Lytton, QLD

"Recently Giovenco Industries have been awarded the Corrosion under Insulation Work (CUI)"

Giovenco Industries have been successfully executing the Maintenance works comprising of Industrial Coatings, Scaffolding, Insulation, Asbestos Removal & Rope Access for many years in the past. Recently Giovenco Industries have been awarded the Corrosion under Insulation Work (CUI).

About Caltex Lytton, QLD, Australia

  • Caltex is Australia’s leading transport fuel supplier and convenience retailer and the only integrated oil refining and marketing company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.
  • Caltex business value chain incorporates supply, refining logistics and marketing.
  • Caltex buys crude oil and refined products on the international market. Caltex sourced some 72 million barrels of crude and refinery feedstocks in 2008.
  • Caltex is Australia’s leading oil refinery. Combined production at Caltex’s Kurnell in Sydney and Lytton refinery in Brisbane comprises approximately 50 percent petrol, 30 percent diesel and 15 percent jet fuel. The remainder of the production consists of fuel oil, waxes and lubricants, bitumen, sulphur, LPG and other gasses.

Caltex Australia Refinery

Location: Lytton, QLD

Date: 2010 - 2013

Industries: Oil & Gas,

Capability Sectors: Scaffolding & Access, Insulation,

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