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Caltex Lytton - Scaffold

Scaffolding & Access,

Caltex Refinery

Lytton, QLD

"The crew has managed to successfully move several tonnes of scaffold in and out of the unit to complete some impressive builds"

This column is a central unit in the Alkylation unit with an approximate 
height of 42m and requiring scaffolding build with 22 lift made of 
approximately 70 tonnes. 
• The scaffold build requires total encapsulation for a full external grit blast 
and paint. In addition to this access is required for internal inspections 
and the removal and replacement of the top head. 
• There have been approximately 1200 man-hours utilised on achieving 
• The alkylation unit is a part of the refining process that requires 
potent acids to complete its function. This safety factor, combined 
with the particularly compact characteristics of the unit, posed several 
challenges for the scaffold crew. Despite this the crew has managed to 
successfully move several tonnes of scaffold in and out of the unit to 
complete some impressive builds

Caltex Refinery

Location: Lytton, QLD

Date: Ongoing

Industries: Oil & Gas,

Capability Sectors: Scaffolding & Access,

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