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Lake Como Rail Bridge

Scaffolding & Access, Coatings & Abrasive Blasting,

Sydney Water

Lake Como, NSW

"Painting and Scaffolding Works for Lake Como Bridge, NSW"

Como Bridge

This former Railway Bridge spans the George’s river and connects the southern suburbs of Como (to the south) and Oatley (to the north) that lie on either side of the river. This steel truss bridge was opened in 1885 and once carried a single track on the main line from Sydney to Port Kembla. In 1972 it was closed and replaced by an adjacent new double track bridge. A well maintained black top carriageway has been installed on the old bridge providing an excellent walking and cycling route for recreational use.

Sydney Water

Location: Lake Como, NSW

Date: 2008

Industries: Infrastructure,

Capability Sectors: Scaffolding & Access, Coatings & Abrasive Blasting,

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