Project Controls & Design

“We provide a transparent relationship with clients to ensure efficient and effective project management.”

Project Controls

Giovenco Industries believe that the ability to monitor project progress has a direct effect on the ability to perform these works safety. Through the utilisation of many control strategies such as;

  • Gantt Charts
  • S-Curve Graphs
  • Lean Boards
  • Project Progress Review Meetings
  • Project Completion Review Meetings

We can provide a transparent relationship with clients to ensure efficient and effective project management. Through the vast experience of our project teams we have learnt to align our project management strategies to the critical success factors of our clients, these factors cover all aspects of;

  • Safety
  • Budget
  • Planned V’s Actual
  • Innovation 
  • Efficiency

Giovenco Industries understands that the overall success of any projects depends on our ability to provide a multi-disciplined workforce who understand the long term goal as well as the short term objectives. We are constantly reviewing the way in which we do things in order to make the next project more successful than the last, every day is an opportunity to learn something new and improve our working environment.


Giovenco Industries are able to provide a full suite of design services for any access requirements a client may have, due to our extensive range of clients on a national scale we can ensure all regulatory, legislative and client process requirements are met.

Should you have an access requirement within a confined space, hanging from a jetty or well above the horizon? We can provide detailed design layouts, engineering certifications and step by step build progress plans to ensure safety and efficiency are prioritised to enable all client project milestone to be achieved.

Through the provision of 3D or 2D design’s our clients are able to achieve piece of mind that their accesses requirements have been understood and any potential issues highlighted prior to task commencement. This ensures all safety controls can be addressed, simultaneous operations are identified and our client can independently monitor the project progress with only a basic understanding of task specifics required.

With Giovenco Industries comprehensive strategy of project controls and designs, our clients can be assured any potential dangers associated the high risk nature of our operations are highlighted, controlled and understood by all personnel involved in the task being carried out. This enables Giovenco industries to provide clients with the confidence we have the systems and the record to ensure their projects will be successful.

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