Tanks Repairs & Shutdowns

“With a team of experienced tank maintenance personnel, Giovenco achieves ‘best in industry’ tank maintenance solutions ensuring client satisfaction.”

Our unique ability is our capability across all major tank maintenance disciplines including 

  • mechanical repairs and modifications 
  • coatings and linings
  • insulation
  • scaffold and access solutions

This allows us to provide our Client’s with improved and efficient coordination between disciplines, reduced management requirements and reduced project durations.

When combined with our experienced project and contract administrative personnel we are able to offer our Client’s 
solutions ensuring client satisfaction.

Services across all tank maintenance phases including 

  • project and tank asset maintenance planning
  • decommissioning
  • inspection and scoping in accordance with API
  • standards
  • repairs, modifications and testing
  • hydro testing and commissioning


Our Services Include:

Design and Engineering activities relating to tank maintenance
Out of Service activities

Tank Shell 

  • Carry out an out of roundness survey prior to commencing any mechanical work 
  • Carry out a tank settlement survey prior to commencing any mechanical work 
  • Door Sheet - Select location for door sheet, prepare door sheet and door sheet reinforcement drawings and calculations and submit to client for approval. 
  • Cold cut door sheet. 
  • Repair of Shell Strakes ( Replacement of Shell plates and Localised welding) 

Tank Floor

  • Annular ring replacement 
  • Replace water draw base plate and flange to elbow assembly –
  • Replace floor island plates. 
  • Inspect the reinforcing plates on all nozzles and man ways and replace if required or do not meet the relevant API specification 
  • Replace existing water draw elbow and assembly with hot dip galvanised elbow and assembly including galvanised nuts and bolts.

Tank Roof

  • Replace centre deck plates. 
  • Replacement of pontoon
  • Renew pontoon external wall. 
  • Replace of pontoon bottom plates. 
  • Renew / Replace floating roof seal. 
  • Replace Internal floating roof
  • Replace existing roof manway hatch with a hot dip galvanised one 
  • Remove, clean and refurbish radar gauge pole and adapter spool. 
  • Allow to renew gauge pole rollers. 
  • Remove, clean and refurbish radar gauge. 
  • Renew check valve and roof drain assembly.     

Stairways, Ladders and Gratings

  • Renew hand rail with hot dip galvanised handrail pipe 
  • Pad weld repair stanchions, 
  • Install gratings over the water draw pit and valve extension handles. 
  • Replace the sample tundish 

Tank Hydrotesting
On completion of all mechanical work the tank, Hydrotest in accordance with API 650/653.
Repair/Replacement of Tank Related Piping 

  • Replace corroded pipes, flanges, Hydrotest and paint. 
  • Replace floating suction (internal) elbows. 


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